Competition rules

The playing order is drawn and posted on our website April 4th 2015.

Grenland International Brass Festival has open adjudication. The adjudicators can give each band up to 100 points for each competitive element, based on their musical performance. This means that the participants in the championship and first section can achieve a maximum of 3 x 100 point = 300 points, while the participants in the other sections can achieve a maximum of 200 points. The participants with the highest overall score wins their respective divisions.

The duration of each piece in the own choice programme should be written on the score.

All contestants must participate in all the competitive elements. Failure to participate in one or more competitive element will result in 0 points awarded. Consider this carefully and apply in the section that you feel your band belongs.

An independent adjudicator will measure the playing time of each piece.  Det er egne dommere som tar tiden av effektiv spilletid. 0,5 points will be deducted for each started minute over the allowed time. If the maximum allowed time for the given competitive element is 25 minutes, 0,5 points will be deducted at 25 minutes and 1 second.

If two bands has the same total score, the winner is decided by the best test piece in the championship and first section. For second and third section, a tie will be determined by the highest number of points awarded for the mandatory programme on friday.

For participants that will play with more that one band, priority of playing order is made for the band where the participant is registered. If the participant is registered with more than one band, priority will be made section wise from championship down to third section.

Due to certain competitive and event technical limitations, there is a limit on the number of participating bands in each section. We reserve the right to make changes in which  section a band will participate, if necessary. Any changes will be made in consultation with the involved bands.